Tubes & Catheters

From surgical tools to catheters, tubing are staples of any medical organization; Our range of tubes and catheters favour functionality and comfort while preserving patient dignity and allaying hygiene concerns.

Urology Products

Latex Foley Catheter

Foley catheter allow for drainage of the urine from the bladder when it is not possible by other means. The foley catheter is a common indwelling catheter made of a soft rubber tube. The catheter comes in different sizes and usually the smallest possible size is used.

Silicon Foley Catheter

The silicon foley catheter performs the same function as a latex foley catheter except it is entirely made of pure silicone, ideal for people with latex allergies.

Nelaton Catheter

Used for the catherization of the urinary bladders.

Urine Bag

For people with urinary retention or incontinence, a urine bag is designed to collect urine. The bag gets attached to a catheter that is inserted in the bladder.


ETT cuffed and uncuffed

Our line of Endotracheal Tubes (ET Tubes) are available in both cuffed and uncuffed varieties of various sizes and designs and are excellent for oral intubation. Our products are certified for safety and hygiene control while remaining affordable

Suction Tube

Suction tubes aid in the removal of sticky, stubborn mucus through the mouth or nose.

Feeding Tube

Feeding tubes are designed to provide nutritional supplementation to patients who are unable to obtain nutrition by their mouths or cannot swallow their food safely. Our feeding tubes are made from highest quality plastic, are nontoxic and sterilized.

Stomach Tube

Used to administer medication or food directly to a person’s stomach.