Medical Diagnostics

Technology is constantly empowering healthcare professionals to take better care of their patients with new tools that help measure, record and monitor more and more data every day.

We at A. Feroz take this very seriously and are always striving to get these best technologies in Pakistan for all hospitals, labs and clinics. We partner with the best brands around the world to achieve this.

Brands Featured

Ultrasound imaging

Sony medical printers allow surgeons, OR staff and consultants to create a finely-detailed, long lasting record of images captured with a wide range of medical modalities, including ultrasound systems and endoscopic camera systems. Advanced Sony printing technology produces rapid delivery of high quality prints in black and white or colour.

Sony Ultrasound Printer UP-X898MD

Setting the bar for ultrasound printing, the UP-X98MD offers high speed, high quality black & white printing of medical images in a compact space-saving footprint with analogue and digital inputs

The UP-X898MD is a compact A6 medical grade black and white digital printer that can accept analogue video as well as PC-friendly digital USB signal inputs. Designed to be integrated into a wide range of compatible medical imaging environments such as digital ultrasound systems, mobile C-arms or cardiac catheterisation laboratory. The high quality thermal print engine can produce hard copy prints of still images captured by these systems for use in patient records and referrals. For even greater convenience, printed still images can also be stored to a connected USB flash drive.

Sony Ultrasound Printing Rolls UPP-110HG(UPP110HG)

A6 width B&W High Glossy print media (type V) for use in UP-X898MD / D898MD / D898DC / 897MD / D897MD / D897 / 895 / D895 / 890 / D890 / 860 / D860 printers.

Roll dimensions: 110 mm (W) x 18 m

Order unit: 5 rolls

Print quantity: Approximately 200 Prints

Sony Ultrasound Printing Rolls UPP-110S(UPP110S)

A6 Size B&W High Quality Print Media (type I) for use in UP-X898MD / D898MD / D898DC / 897MD / D897 / 895 / D895 / 890 / D890 / 860 / D860

This product is available in multiples of 10 (master carton contains 100 rolls).

Mainly used in Ultrasound, Dental and Microscopy applications.

Roll dimensions: 110 mm (W) x 20 m

Order unit: 10 rolls

Print quantity: 217 prints (with UP-895CE)


Health Monitoring

Patient Monitors:

Extensive range of patient monitors provide abundant functions for clinical monitoring of newborns, children or adults.

ECG Machines:

These machines collect signals from the heart and print waveforms via thermal printing.

Fetal Monitors:

These monitors collect data of developing fetuses and provide information for clinical use.