Rehabilitation Aids

Complex Rehabilitation Therapy or CRT includes, medically vital, individually customizable mobility products and aids, such as wheelchairs, walkers, walking sticks and commode chairs designed to meet the unique medical and functional needs of differently abled or physically challenged individuals to enable them through greater independence.

Our products offer organizations CRT products at better value and greater durability, ensuring longer lasting solutions to your differently abled users.

Brands Featured


Wheelchairs are often essential in medical environments. From admission to post-operative environments, the lightweight wheelchair becomes the first rehabilitation aid needed to enable patient mobility. Therefore, our proffered range of wheelchairs provides the comfort, customized and durability tailored to the end users’ needs. Tried, and rigorously tested by many patients, hospitals, and medical institutions, they are sturdy and attractively priced

Walking Aids

We offer a variety of walking aids designed to aid upright mobility for the elderly and differently abled. These products are designed to provide full weight bearing of a user’s legs, with lightweight, premium aluminum and mild steel body construction to enable high load carry, while remaining stable and mobile. All our walking aids have anti slip properties as well, and are designed to international quality standards, in line with the latest in research and innovation.

Commode Chairs

A commode chair aims to offer more safety for people with limited mobility to use a toilet while minimizing the risk of an injury that can be placed at the beside of the bed of a person and can be used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to an illness, injury or disability. We offer toilet chair or a commode stool, with and without wheels so that it can be easily transported to the bathroom or shower.