At A. Feroz we have a legacy of service to the professionals and patients of Pakistan and have crafted what we like to call the 3D culture.

Dedication to our team, our service of our nation’s medical needs and our stakeholders

Dedication to our longstanding commitment

We work together to help craft the future of our company and indeed of the healthcare sector of Pakistan, contributing our service to help benefit society at large.

Diversity in every way

We are an inclusive and equal opportunity company, focused particularly on female empowerment and seeking to help the women of our workplace achieve parity. We are strongly against any form of discrimination, be it religious, race, color, gender or ethnicity, in the workplace or outside

Dynamic in our outlook and our approach to the challenges of the future

Harnessing our entrepreneurial spirit to build a company that takes calculated risks combined with laterally unorthodox thinking, backed by careful planning in order to take build tomorrow’s opportunities.

These have been the tenets upon we have built and define us going forward.

Our People

Our people are our greatest assets. Over our course of history, we have looked to find and develop the best leaders who take great pride in representing our company. Our employees are the ambassadors of our vision and long standing commitment. Hence, we are always investing in our people, providing them with continuous training and encouraging them to continue education by offering flexible working hours.

We look for, and look to inculcate the following in our employees:


Always looking to find new avenues and sources of growth.


Looking for challenges and personal growth but with realistic expectations.

Risk takers

Not afraid of to take risks.


Excited, not afraid to voice out their ideas.

Our Departments