Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

With the rising challenges regarding cross-contamination and transmission of diseases becoming vital concerns in healthcare settings today, PPE has fast become any health related organization’s foremost concern.

Brands Featured

Safety Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Powdered and Powder Free

Safety Latex Examination Gloves are made from 100% natural rubber, are ambidextrous, and non-sterile. Our state-of-the-art excellence processes ensure top quality and purity, with every batch of gloves undergoing air screening to ensure they are breakage and hole free.

  • WIDE VARIETY: Powdered and Powder Free

Our focus on product development has allowed us to develop a wider variety of gloves to fit precise requirements. We offer both powdered as well as powder free versions to match different needs.


Uniquely designed by experts to provide superior comfort; proven to reduce motion stress and muscle fatigue, helping users avoid pain and injuries.


Safety gloves offer users improved grip in both wet and dry conditions, enabling user precision, dexterity and above all confidence.


Through the benefits of research, safety gloves are now lighter and more durable than ever before, while adhering to the most stringent quality benchmarks, providing users and patients the care they deserve.

Sterile Surgical Latex Examination Gloves

Surgical Gloves are made of the highest grade of natural rubber latex, as recommended for all surgical or oral surgical procedures. They are sterile powdered latex gloves, with superior resistance and wear ability, providing protection from even the most extreme rigors of surgical environments. They are therefore subjected to stringent air testing to check for holes, reducing risk of finger and hand injuries, with a low AQL.

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Sky-blue Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves are made from 100% Nitrile, offering greater chemical resistance compared to other materials. They provide high value with non-allergenic properties, lightweight yet superior durability. Their fingertip-textured finish even allows for gripping extra-thin objects. Each batch of gloves is air-tested to detect pinholes and microtears.

  • Material: Nitrile (100% Latex-Free)
  • Type: Non-Sterile
  • Color: Blue
  • Chemo-Rated

Vinyl Gloves

Our Vinyl gloves are transparent, and ideally suited to non-invasive medical procedures such as washing or cleaning, providing a low-cost alternative to latex gloves; Each glove helps to reduce the absorption and spread of environmental allergens.

  • Food grade gloves – ideal for kitchen and catering tasks
  • Latex free for those with allergies
  • Includes 100 pieces/box.

Disposable Polyethene Gloves

These gloves are made from polyethene and provide basic level protection. These gloves are ideal for high frequency and low risk activities.

Patient Wear

Shoe covers, Sleeves covers & Aprons: Protection against liquids and splashes

  • Splash resistant
  • Are available in different packaging solutions
  • Easy disposal after use

Gowns: Full body protection

  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Product range includes visitor gowns and isolation gowns
  • Easy disposal after use
  • Visitor gowns are liquid repellent with elastic or jersey cuffs
  • Isolation gowns are liquid resistant with jersey cuffs.

Headwear: Easy and convenient protection

  • Product range includes beard caps, clip caps and face masks
  • Color variety can be used to indicate the different working areas – preventing cross-contamination
  • Hygienic packaging in boxes with perforated opening
  • Easy and hygienic disposal after use