Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapies are a crucial component in in everyday clinical practice, assisting in everything from nutrition to volume substitution to administration of medication. That’s why our range of infusion therapies are designed to reduce the burden of work for physicians and nurses, while protecting the safety and comfort of your patients, and raising hygiene standards to a higher level.

Furthermore, while Infusion treatment, though traditionally bound to hospitals, can now also be administered in outpatient infusion therapy centers, or even in patient’s homes by trained staff, thanks to our broad range of simple to use infusion offerings

We are dedicated to the idea that infusion therapy shouldn’t be uncomfortable or frightening for patients to take and for professionals to administer and have built our product range around this through our array of experience and years of dedicated research. Our goal is to provide medical professionals the infusion tools to make the process of administering medication via infusion therapy as accessible and affordable as possible.

Disposable Syringes

At A. Feroz, we strive to meet the demands of an ever increasingly challenging healthcare environment delivering injection systems that provide both exceptional performance and value. Our range of syringes match a variety of clinical needs, with our internationally certified manufacturing process assure products of consistently high quality to fit most budgets

  • Polypropylene syringe barrel and specially formulated stopper result in a smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel.
  • Materials are inert and compatible with delivered medications.
  • Syringes are sterilized by ETO and undergo automated inspection to assure uniform quality.
  • Syringes are available with Luer Lock.
  • Clear barrel assures rapid, precise volume reading.

IV Sets

Our IV Administration sets are designed to optimize infusion delivery, reduce the risk of infection for the patient, and to keep access sites clean and protected.

  • Latex free
  • Nontoxic. Non pyrogenic fluid path
  • Also available with injection port
  • IV Sets with burette scale are also available

IV Cannula

A Feroz. offers 3 main varieties of IV Cannulas that can be used in helping relieve the pain of patients utilizing injection therapy while alleviating the workload of staff and booting medical efficiency. Comfortable, convenient and easy to use, as well as competitively priced we offer multiple gauge sizes of ISO/CE Certified and EO gas sterilized cannula sets.

Pen model

  • Designed to ensure Correct Orientation of Needle bevel and better control during Cannulation.
  • Colour coded body for easy identification of gauge size.
  • Packed in pen shaped plastic moulded body for convenient handling and safe disposal of needle.
  • Needle Hub designed for proper grip during insertion.

Butterfly Model with Wings

  • Safety feature helps prevent accidental needle prick injuries to healthcare professionals.
  • The Safety mechanism activates automatically while withdrawing the needle, once flash back is observed, covering the tip and sharp-edged bevel.

Other surgical products which we deal in include:

  • 3 way stopcocks
  • Heparin Caps
  • Dial a flow