Our History

While business conditions and consumer demands continue to evolve, one constant remains at A Feroz: Our focus on helping our customers achieve healthier businesses so they can focus on what matters most- The health and wellbeing of their patients and customers.

At A. Feroz, our employees remain ever driven to not simply meet the needs of our customers, small and large, but to forge lifelong partnerships that bring success today and opportunities tomorrow. We understand that a flourishing, vibrant healthcare system that improves lives is good for everyone: For our customers’ successes, to improved patient outcomes, to a stronger society, we do it all for better health.


Focusing on The Core

A single wholesale shop near Denso Hall in Karachi, is where our story began in the 1960s. Founded by Feroz Ahmed, that small pharmaceutical concern had but a few products, just two employees and most importantly, ambition. Slowly but surely, the business flourished into a burgeoning concern.

1969: Foundations of the company are officially laid.

1975: Becomes the preferred source of supplies for numerous doctors across the city

1978: The company begins to trade outside Karachi


Building on Success

The next two decades expanded on that humble foundation. Product development and market penetration were the two main focus areas of the time with the addition of infusion category to the portfolio. It was also during this era that the company began to source products internationally. This allowed A.Feroz & Co. to develop a stream of quality products that were differentiated from the market, helping gain more recognition in the market.

1982: After 13 years of trading pharmaceutical goods, the first surgical disposable product in the form of disposable syringe is added to the product portfolio.

1990: Home Healthcare line is added with the distribution of the Japanese brand Yamasu

1996: Ethyl Chloride spray for anesthesia is added to the portfolio after registration with DRAP


A Time for Growth

The early noughts saw a rapid expansion of the business. As the challenges grew, so did A.Feroz, organizationally and strategically to ensure it sustained growth. During this decade focus shifted from representing other brands to developing own brands which resonated with the Pakistani market. Starting with the pioneering launch of our own brand of Infusion products, Star, and then Senior in 2008.

The decade also brought major expansions within distribution, with exclusive partnerships with the likes of giants such as Sony Medical (Japan) and Mölnlycke Healthcare (Sweden)

2003: The turn of the millennium saw A. Feroz registering its own brand of disposable syringes, Star, with DRAP.

2004: A. Feroz adds several new categories to its products including: Urology, Nephrology, and Airway Management.

2008: The launch of, Senior, A. Feroz’s own home healthcare brand with the addition of Adult Diapers to the portfolio.

2009: The series of expansions continues with A. Feroz being appointed as the exclusive distributor of Sony Medical Japan and Molnlcyke Healthcare Sweden


Finding New Avenues

The current decade finds A. Feroz growing along with Pakistan, imbuing the health production sector prosper while weathering many challenges along the way. From that humble single store in our hometown, we now have a presence in over 40 cities, with 400+ distribution touchpoints in every corner of the country, from Karachi-Kashmir. All while continuing to invest in new technologies, products and innovations to benefit the country and her people.

2011: Rapid growth in the company’s portfolio with expansions in home healthcare range.

2013: Addition to personal protective equipment category with the launch of Nitrile, Vinyl and Surgical Gloves.

2018: With continuous investment in infrastructure, employees and work processes, A. Feroz & Co. became GDP (Good Distribution Practices) compliant.

2019:  A complete range of Mobility Aids which included products like Wheel chairs, Walkers, Sticks and Commode Chairs.

2020: With the COVID pandemic affecting all countries of the world, including Pakistan, A. Feroz continues to invest in new technologies, products and innovations to assist people across the country.