Compliance is a crucial component of A.Feroz’s corporate culture and is a fundamental tenet of our corporate principles. Compliancy and responsible practices in accordance with applicable laws and regulations are central to our collective success, extending to the social responsibility we bear as a healthcare company to society at large. Respectful cooperation is also vital to a trusting relationship with our customers, business partners and other stakeholders. The main focus of compliance is on enabling and creating an environment of fair competition, and on circumventing and eliminating corrupt practices.

Our focus on compliance is divided into two parts:


Compliant Products

At A.Feroz & Co. we have a specialized department with dedicated professionals who look after this field. Products we develop or market, meet essential health and safety standards and mostly have International qualifications such as the CE, ISO or FDA. Where these are not available, our team of professionals vets each supplier, manufacturer or service provider against stringent guidelines.

Products requiring registration are also dealt with under this department. We currently have lots of products registered under the drug regulatory authority of Pakistan with hundreds under review.

A.Feroz & Co. is a proud member of KCCI, Federation, HDAP, TDAP and PPMA to ensure the implementation and compliance of health, social, economic and business policies. We collaborate with the government offering our opinions and support necessary in formulation of laws and regulations.

Quality Policy

The company is committed to ensure to supply best quality medical devices, which are safe to use and give authentic results, in this respect the company is continuously monitoring whole process from receiving to safely delivery of the products as per National and International Drug Authorities rules and regulations in order to achieve an effective role in the health care sector.


Compliant Policies and People

These are the values which drive our company in its mission to be the best in the medical provision space in Pakistan.

The health and the wellbeing of patients and consumers are our foremost priorities for us, indeed our guiding ethos. We pledge to lend our expertise to the service of humanity, while avoiding any possible conflicts of interest When these arise, they should be resolved in a transparent and fair manner that permits the promotion of research and development.

Code of Conduct


Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity


Keep complete and accurate business records


Play by the rules, whether working with government, customers or suppliers


Respect one another and our social and physical environment around the world.


Obey the law and code of conduct


Protect the company’s assets and information.

Anti-corruption Policy

Our Staff and third parties acting on our behalf are required to understand and comply with our principles and standards, as well as with all relevant international and domestic legislation. All of us are responsible for preventing any instance of bribery or corruption and for reporting any concern or suspicion so we can identify the risks and conduct any required investigations.