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For over 50 years, A.Feroz & Co. has been devoted to improving lives by providing the finest medical goods and tools.

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Incontinence – Adult Diapers, Pull Ups and Dignity Sheets

Incontinence is a growing concern around the world with males and females suffering from urinal or faecal incontinence. The need for incontinence products is especially high amongst the elderly who require regular protection and treatment. We strive to develop products that reduce the impact of incontinence on lives people so that they can work, exercise, study or relax at home at peace.

Designed for maximum moisture absorbance, with odour neutralizing technology and humidity indication, our incontinence products are state of the art, and made with patient’s and home users needs in mind. Our incontinence products include:

  • Senior Adult Diapers
  • Senior Adult Pull ups
  • Senior Dignity Sheets

Respiratory – Nebulizers and & Steam Inhalers

With high levels of pollution in the atmosphere, large number of Pakistanis suffer respiratory and breathing problems every year. These problems are aggravated in the winters when dryness, cold weather and the seasonal flu affect millions of people.

Senior Steam Inhaler: Designed for prolonged use in home and professional environments, our steam inhaler is perfect for sinus relief or other breathing problems. Senior Steam Inhaler requires no medicine and works with just water and has no side effects.

Nebulizers: Our advanced Compressor Nebulizers allow for optimal misting, delivering aerosol medication therapy effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy for instant relief. Our nebulizers can be used to treat babies, children and adults at home.

Suction Machines: These are designed to clear the airway passages of sticky, stubborn and excessive phlegm or mucous.

Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Monitors

Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure (“BP”) as it’s commonly known, affects 33% of all Pakistani adults above the age of 45 years. Monitoring blood pressure at home is not just important but vital for saving lives.

Manual Blood Pressure Monitors: For people choosing to use the classical methods, our instruments are accurate, easy and economical. Our comprehensive range includes Japanese models as well which offer premium and high-quality measurements.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors: Designed for the elderly, our digital blood pressure monitors easy, accurate and comfortable measurements at home. These features allow frequent measurements to be taken so that consumers can collect ample date for reporting purposes. These monitors are available in wrist and arm types.

Weight Measurements

With obesity becoming an increasing issue for Pakistanis and due to its linkages with other diseases, we are committed to providing tools that help track and monitor body weight. Our manual and electronic scales are designed with utmost care keeping accuracy and aesthetics in mind.

Scales are available in digital as well as analogue versions.